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They’re beginning to communicate with each other. John Connor, be on alert.

Max/MSP is a graphical habitat about programming, particularly concerning audio and music but, with the right interface, we’re be able to manage complex networks (lights, alarms etc…). Many artists use it by more than 20 years (Aphex Twin, Jonny Greenwood, just to name a few) and today it is considered the top in terms of creativity-technologically-advanced. Its use is not as hard as that of  other programming language, just because you work on graphical object positioned in algorithmic networks containing code strings, making it possible to learn in few months. It’s beyond softwares like Propellerhead Reason (I personally use it) and any kind of sinthesizer:  in MaxMsp you’re able to manage every single detail and the communication between them.

I’m going to start learning to use it. If you do it too, just remember to share it.

Here’s an example of the real multimedia. Then there Jonny Greenwood.

P.s. Now that I’ve read again the post, it could really seem redational advertising, but I swear that there’s no report of commission between me and the Cycling  ’74.