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User-Generated-Identity. Some pandemic implications

Chapter One

Why writing a blog? Why writing something you know nobody will read (or just someone who you’ve never met)? It was the main question i asked myself before I created one. Actually, I’ve not found “my-right-answer” yet, but I believe I’ll find it writing. Someone starts by playing, others  starts by following the fashion’s wheel. As well as them, I’ve got a reason too.

Chapter Two

Or maybe there’s not a serious and precise reason, we just write cause no-one is listening and reading us; or maybe why we’re neither the x-generation, nor the baby-boomers. They’ve called us y generation, the generation of new-media, of mmorpg, of internet. We’re the sharing-generation, based on the P2P.

Chapter Three

But we’re not such. We’re out of our body. We’re not the same who are writing. I’m not the one who’s writing. I’m not what I’m writing. Now I’m a blogger. In a while I’ll be a cinephile, than the regular italian-guy in my city. But not the one who’s writing now. Jake Sully doesn’t love Neytiri, his avatar does; so in the end he choose to become ONLY the Navì fighter, leaving behind Jake Sully. But he has the choose. He is the chosen-one. He can do it. But we can’t. We’re forced to be everyone  we choose to be. Simultaneously. Joker is Joker, not the man behind the make-up.


It’s the new role-playing-disease of our generation, the collateral effects due to the intensive use of a multiplaying-identity: the “Dr. Malcolm Crowe Syndrome”.

You’re not what you really are. You’re just what you choose to be.

Donnie: Why do you wear that stupid bunny suit?
Frank: Why are you wearing that stupid man suit?