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Disappearance of a job. The great lie of a synaesthetic society.

I’ve always believed in a substantial difference, in a contrast not merely about two job, but two views on life: the screenwriter and the director. Honestly, I’ve always prefer the second one, for a simple belief: cinema is a sequence of shots and not of stories. Otherwise, we would call it novel.

Writing a good scene is not the same thing of making a shot of it. Watch and tell: two act that have too often been confused, leading us now to a situation where, increasingly, too many people tell and few watch.

If you today tell someone “I’m a determinist”, he will answer “Hey dude, you’re out of time”, but my personal view-on-life changed when I read Marshall McLuhan and his The Medium Is The Message: when you make a movie, you’re not telling stories, you’re just shooting. And if we don’t understand it, we’re not able to realize how much director’s like Tarantino and Scorsese are unique (“with a handful” of other, sorry the quote). And you will be not able to realize what I really mean when I say that Sergio Leone is the greatest director who ever lived, the greatest interpreter of that medium which I referred to. “Once upon a time in the west” is the usual story shown in the most original way. And when you see the Harmonica’s flashback while he’s facing Frank, you finally realize what watching really means.