That Grenuille in each brand…

This brand’s ability to absorb everything that happens all around them, reminded me a character whom I’m very attached to. Jean-Baptiste Grenuille too, the protagonist of “Perfume” by Patrick Suskind, had such ability: he had the gift of seize each odor and scent around him, and he used these ones to create a perfume that dominate the minds of men. To do so, he became an assassin, covering himself of heinous crimes and sins.

I guess this is the same ultimate-aim that the brands too are following. But Grenuille ended when he realized the he was (quoting Kurt’s verses) a “scentless apprentice”: he didn’t have an own scent. This forced him to become what he at last became.

At the same way, the brandz have become what they are now when they realized that they didn’t have the same values communicated by themselves. A brand is basically empty: he lives of what surrounds him, of our lives and of workers’ those too. It would be enough that Suskind had given a scent to Grenuille and, all the time you read the romance, you hope that he does so. But he doesn’t. So, it could be enough that someone gives brands true values. A shared conception of CSR could be enough. But there’s no-one.

Meanwhile, I keep looking for a job.

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