Disappearance of a job. The great lie of a synaesthetic society.

I’ve always believed in a substantial difference, in a contrast not merely about two job, but two views on life: the screenwriter and the director. Honestly, I’ve always prefer the second one, for a simple belief: cinema is a sequence of shots and not of stories. Otherwise, we would call it novel.

Writing a good scene is not the same thing of making a shot of it. Watch and tell: two act that have too often been confused, leading us now to a situation where, increasingly, too many people tell and few watch.

If you today tell someone “I’m a determinist”, he will answer “Hey dude, you’re out of time”, but my personal view-on-life changed when I read Marshall McLuhan and his The Medium Is The Message: when you make a movie, you’re not telling stories, you’re just shooting. And if we don’t understand it, we’re not able to realize how much director’s like Tarantino and Scorsese are unique (“with a handful” of other, sorry the quote). And you will be not able to realize what I really mean when I say that Sergio Leone is the greatest director who ever lived, the greatest interpreter of that medium which I referred to. “Once upon a time in the west” is the usual story shown in the most original way. And when you see the Harmonica’s flashback while he’s facing Frank, you finally realize what watching really means.


That Grenuille in each brand…

This brand’s ability to absorb everything that happens all around them, reminded me a character whom I’m very attached to. Jean-Baptiste Grenuille too, the protagonist of “Perfume” by Patrick Suskind, had such ability: he had the gift of seize each odor and scent around him, and he used these ones to create a perfume that dominate the minds of men. To do so, he became an assassin, covering himself of heinous crimes and sins.

I guess this is the same ultimate-aim that the brands too are following. But Grenuille ended when he realized the he was (quoting Kurt’s verses) a “scentless apprentice”: he didn’t have an own scent. This forced him to become what he at last became.

At the same way, the brandz have become what they are now when they realized that they didn’t have the same values communicated by themselves. A brand is basically empty: he lives of what surrounds him, of our lives and of workers’ those too. It would be enough that Suskind had given a scent to Grenuille and, all the time you read the romance, you hope that he does so. But he doesn’t. So, it could be enough that someone gives brands true values. A shared conception of CSR could be enough. But there’s no-one.

Meanwhile, I keep looking for a job.

Ambush-Marketing. How to get a sponsor without a sponsorship.

Are you a major event organizer? Are you planning a great event to which a lot of people could partecipate? Watch out of any strange things around you, they could be in “ambush”.

The Ambush Markting is the umpteenth non-conventional advertising gimmick that make sponsored an event without an effective sponsorship contract; they use the event’s media impact to improve the visibility of a certain brand, creating a strong bond between both elements.

My questions are always the same. Which is the relationship in consumer’s mind between the brand and advertising gimmick when a passer-by attending it? What will he remember about it? The gimmick, the brand or both? Reasoning about it in terms of “balancing” seems to be necessary and crucial.

Here’s an example: this one was created by TrIbEcA for K-SWISS, during the Roland Garros tournament. Enjoy it.

They’re beginning to communicate with each other. John Connor, be on alert.

Max/MSP is a graphical habitat about programming, particularly concerning audio and music but, with the right interface, we’re be able to manage complex networks (lights, alarms etc…). Many artists use it by more than 20 years (Aphex Twin, Jonny Greenwood, just to name a few) and today it is considered the top in terms of creativity-technologically-advanced. Its use is not as hard as that of  other programming language, just because you work on graphical object positioned in algorithmic networks containing code strings, making it possible to learn in few months. It’s beyond softwares like Propellerhead Reason (I personally use it) and any kind of sinthesizer:  in MaxMsp you’re able to manage every single detail and the communication between them.

I’m going to start learning to use it. If you do it too, just remember to share it.

Here’s an example of the real multimedia. Then there Jonny Greenwood.

P.s. Now that I’ve read again the post, it could really seem redational advertising, but I swear that there’s no report of commission between me and the Cycling  ’74.

User-Generated-Identity. Some pandemic implications

Chapter One

Why writing a blog? Why writing something you know nobody will read (or just someone who you’ve never met)? It was the main question i asked myself before I created one. Actually, I’ve not found “my-right-answer” yet, but I believe I’ll find it writing. Someone starts by playing, others  starts by following the fashion’s wheel. As well as them, I’ve got a reason too.

Chapter Two

Or maybe there’s not a serious and precise reason, we just write cause no-one is listening and reading us; or maybe why we’re neither the x-generation, nor the baby-boomers. They’ve called us y generation, the generation of new-media, of mmorpg, of internet. We’re the sharing-generation, based on the P2P.

Chapter Three

But we’re not such. We’re out of our body. We’re not the same who are writing. I’m not the one who’s writing. I’m not what I’m writing. Now I’m a blogger. In a while I’ll be a cinephile, than the regular italian-guy in my city. But not the one who’s writing now. Jake Sully doesn’t love Neytiri, his avatar does; so in the end he choose to become ONLY the Navì fighter, leaving behind Jake Sully. But he has the choose. He is the chosen-one. He can do it. But we can’t. We’re forced to be everyone  we choose to be. Simultaneously. Joker is Joker, not the man behind the make-up.


It’s the new role-playing-disease of our generation, the collateral effects due to the intensive use of a multiplaying-identity: the “Dr. Malcolm Crowe Syndrome”.

You’re not what you really are. You’re just what you choose to be.

Donnie: Why do you wear that stupid bunny suit?
Frank: Why are you wearing that stupid man suit?